Family owned and friendly ... read more
Bob Burke via - Feb 14, 2019
Warm shrimp salad with fennel is truly exceptional...not to mention the gorgeous view!
Toni Earnshaw via - Feb 12, 2019
Wanted to meet a friend for brunch ...
Wanted to meet a friend for brunch between Waterbury and Trumbull.. came to Stone's Throw after a little google searching.. We where very happy with the service and the food.  Brunch is highly recommended, look forward to coming back for dinner with a view!
Christopher V. via - Feb 10, 2019
The service was great and the food was delicious. Can’t wait to go back. Definitely worth it!!!!!
carol richards via - Feb 10, 2019
Delicious food, great drinks, awesome service.
Melissa Trinci via - Feb 9, 2019
Every other Friday my daughters ...
Every other Friday my daughters and I try a new restaurant and having just seen Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back, decided to try a Stones Throw. We order the Seafood Pasta, Open-faced Sirloin sandwich and the Pan-seared Salmon. With 2 lemonades the bill came to $51 before tip. The flavor of everything was perfect, the Salmon ... read more
Ruth N. via - Feb 8, 2019
Service was great. Food tasted awesome but portion to small left there feeling hungry. No bread,no salad ,no veggies. Was a little sad. Really did taste great though.
MaryBeth Whone via - Feb 8, 2019
Excellent! If you haven't gone in a while you'll be pleasantly amazed!
Everything at Stone's Throw has changed - the decor, furniture, wait staff, food, everything - and it's fabulous! Our waiter was very accommodating, the food was terrific (I had the lamb chop with carrot leek puree which was cooked perfectly and extremely flavorful.) The only...More ... read more
Ginger L via - Feb 6, 2019
Great customer service great food ... read more
Bella Zayas via - Feb 4, 2019
My meal was very salty. I got the seared salmon. Lava cake tasted like a diabetic cake with no lava. Drove an hour and 20 minutes to check this place. The atmosphere was very nice.
Jennifer Spencer via - Feb 2, 2019
What a great restaurant! Glad the ...
What a great restaurant! Glad the remodeling worked out. Food is fantastic, friendly staff. Maybe a little bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. It was most definitely worth it, and I'm very glad I gave it a chance.
Ximena G. via - Jan 31, 2019
Great service had dinner last night ...
Great service had dinner last night great food fresh local and friendly staff . This will be a great location in the summer with the views of the river beautiful ... read more
Dan B. via - Jan 31, 2019
I have never had a bad meal at ...
I have never had a bad meal at Stone's Throw. I frequented the restaurant summer of 2017 and 2018 and spent my New Years Eve there.I thought service was good and attentive, entertainment wonderful and views spectacular.Gail ... read more
Gail P. via - Jan 31, 2019
Five stars to counter Sharon C's ...
Five stars to counter Sharon C's one star review. It's unclear from her review:Did she ever actually eat there?If so, when?What did she eat?How was the "chronic diarrhea" related?There are people who take these reviews seriously, offer constructive criticism and an honest review of their experience. None of those things is present in ... read more
Pip S. via - Jan 31, 2019
I love it so much! They have always taken care of their customers and care so much about everyone!
Andrew Connolly via - Jan 31, 2019
Stones throw is amazing! Amazing staff, amazing food, and amazing service since DAY ONE!❤💛💜💙💚 love it!
Andrew Connolly via - Jan 31, 2019
Sharon c couldn't get a reservation ...
Sharon c couldn't get a reservation so she gave a poor review.  Went through BEFORE Gordan. Great food and atmosphere.  Manager needs a break but very sweet.  Lovely place ... read more
D H. via - Jan 30, 2019
2 words. Great place!
Ramiro Gomez via - Jan 27, 2019
Great food!! Great stuff. Love it ... read more
TL Home Improvement LLC via - Jan 26, 2019
Small quaint location on the water ... read more
Wendy A. Peters via - Jan 16, 2019
Really great bar menu!
Brian Ingmanson via - Jan 8, 2019
I have to be honest, I wasn't sure ...
I have to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect. There were mixed reviews on Yelp but better reviews on TA. So with this in mind, I felt it would be best for me to give it a try.  So glad I did!!! It's such a warm and inviting atmosphere.  I made reservations in advance to ensure I would grab a nice table. There are beautiful views ... read more
Food L. via - Jan 5, 2019
Nice place, hard to park though ...
Nice place, hard to park though.  Food was good not great ... read more
M M. via - Jan 3, 2019
Food was excellent and service attentive and quick.
John Pollman via - Jan 1, 2019
Good service, good music at a good volume, good food ... read more
donald woodlin via - Dec 31, 2018
A new favorite!
We recently had dinner with 20+ friends in the private patio room at Stone’s Throw. The servers were friendly and efficient. They did a great job handling our boisterous group! The food was very good and came out timely. The stuffed mushroom appetizer was delicious....More ... read more
Dcrow via - Dec 16, 2018
Very good food. Great service.
Very good food. Great service. Beautiful location. What more can you ask for? We are looking forward to coming back in the summer so we can enjoy the river.
Candice P. via - Dec 8, 2018
Saturday Luncheon
Lovely setting - overlooking the Housatonic River below Lake Zoar - modern airy - different seating areas to choose from - Luncheon Menu was limited - few choices - Beer selections also small - But the ambiance was quite nice - food adequate service quite...More ... read more
nannerbru via - Dec 4, 2018
Hidden Gem for Sunday Brunch
Sunday Brunch was a lovely experience overall. Menu was limited, but thoughtfully put together. For appetizers, the fresh tomato and mozzarella with basil pesto was refreshing, served with white bean salad on bed of fresh spinach leaves. Clam chowder was quite good. The cheese plate...More ... read more
judithdann via - Nov 25, 2018
Excellent. Food was unbelievable, Presented very nicely, Our waitress was very sweet. Gorgeous waterfront scene. Cant wait to go again ... read more
camille tiriolo via - Nov 14, 2018
Excellent dinner I absolutely loved my hanger steak Beautiful ambience ... read more
Tanya Pulgarin via - Nov 13, 2018
Friendly wait staff at party event held there.
Glenn Boyle via - Nov 11, 2018
Ambiance outstanding
If you're looking for outstanding cuisine, look elsewhere. It's the ambiance and waterfront atmosphere that overshadows all else. Bar creations a plus!
scintoner via - Nov 7, 2018
Loved the new menu and new look!
Laurinda Fox via - Nov 3, 2018
Me and my wife went here a couple ...
Me and my wife went here a couple of weeks ago. We were reccamended by our neighbor. The Food was Excellent. Nice Place On the lake. The Price was good for what we ordered. We will defanitely go here again.
Jesse J. via - Nov 3, 2018
Love the food however, I’m not sure why they have uber eats when it’s never been available to take orders the last two months I’ve tried to order.. working in the restaurant industry I understand turning it off but since they continue to keep turning it off 24/7 im confused as to why they even have it at all as an option ... read more
Reily Carey via - Nov 2, 2018
Beautiful view, directly on the water. Patio area and dining room in glass enclosed sun room, probably seasonal, open for my visit on October 30th. Had lunch, was ok. Had fried clam belly po boy, perhaps would be better w fried clam strips, was not great. French fries and fried macaroni balls very good. Small on tap beer menu. Bloody ... read more
nicole williams via - Nov 1, 2018
Pleasant scenery, great food.
kim b via - Oct 30, 2018
I LOVE this restaurant!! Every meal I've had here has been superb. The marascapone wasabi salmon was a mouth- gasm! The martinis are so fun eg., the Housatonic River garnished with Swedish Fish. The braised pear salad fresh and exquisite. Do yourself a favor, enjoy the cuisine and lovely riber views here ASAP.
Claudia Chadwick via - Oct 26, 2018
Good food. The clam howder was really good, and sitting out on the deck was very enjoyable.
Dawn Alicandro via - Oct 26, 2018
Food and service were amazing. Great ambiance as well. My only complaint was the espresso I had with the dessert was lacking the crema from a good pour.
Jason Lederman via - Oct 25, 2018
Always have a great time. Justin is fantastic and atmosphere is great. Everyone so friendly. End up leaving knowing at least half the people there.
KAREN Zibelin via - Oct 20, 2018
Our sister came from Texas ya'll ...
Our sister came from Texas ya'll...and stop to have dinner at this restaurant...she was very impressed with the food n service last night we decided to go there for Dinner..and we had a great time ..we decided to seat outside n enjoy a fantastic dinner ...had the lamb ...Mmmm. My spouse had the tuna...good food GREAT WAITRESS ..
Sergio B. via - Oct 6, 2018
Went with friends for lunch great! Had ahi tuna sandwich, delicious ... read more
ROBERT VOSS via - Oct 3, 2018
If you don't know how to make bouillabaisse don't put it on the menu.
I ate there with a relative who was familiar with the place and likes it. I was surprised to see my favorite French seafood soup on the menu and based on the description decided to try it. It was fine, except 1. It was almost...More ... read more
David R via - Sep 30, 2018
Arriving on Saturday at 12:00, ...
Arriving on Saturday at 12:00, we were quickly seated on the patio overlooking the gently flowing, expansively scenic Housatonic River and swore we'd come every week. My crab/scallop cake was creatively seasoned and made without filling and my wine was served in a miniature carafe (I love that feeling of power). The New England clam ... read more
Sue H. via - Sep 30, 2018
The atmosphere is great, but the ...
The atmosphere is great, but the food is average. My biggest problem is the menu. I struggle to find anything that I actually want to eat, since I don't like seafood. I wish there was more variety. I keep having to go back because my mom likes it, but I've never had a meal that left me truly satisfied. At least drinks are good.
Ashley E. via - Sep 24, 2018
Nice views of the river ... read more
David Arbachouskas via - Sep 19, 2018
That's a nice place...sat right on the water ... read more
Anthony Barbera via - Sep 18, 2018
Food was good. Nice atmosphere but the staff was not very attentive.
Anna Bernier via - Sep 16, 2018
Fine dining. Good atmosphere ... read more
clay winters via - Sep 14, 2018
Stones Throw ... read more
Michael Lavoie via - Sep 7, 2018
My friend and I had lunch at a ...
My friend and I had lunch at a riverside table in the bar yesterday.We would have sat outside on the patio overlooking the river, but it was terribly hot and humid.  Good thing we sat inside because a powerful thunderstorm came along which we enjoyed watching through the windows while we stayed dry!  The bartender/waiter Roge was ver ... read more
Susan O. via - Sep 4, 2018
Delightful meal on the deck overlooking the river. Lots of fish and seafood options. We had raw oysters, arugula salad and sesame crusted tuna.
Kathy Jennings via - Aug 27, 2018
Atmosphere was nice and good for ...
Atmosphere was nice and good for groups.The seafood stew however was a disappointment as the tomato "soup" tasted like a jarred sauce...the words "chef boyardee" were tossed around.The serve was very good though and accommodating to our kids as well.The steak and seared tuna was okay.The atmosphere & service make up the whole of the ... read more
Sarah S. via - Aug 25, 2018
Great dining spot on the River
Wonderful little restaurant along the shore of the Housatonic river. We love taking a cruise there in our Chevelle and enjoying a nice meal with a view. The Watermelon Martini is great! They have live music last night which was Wonderfull! We ate off the...More ... read more
patbannon via - Aug 19, 2018
I like the patio and the drinks ...
I like the patio and the drinks are decent. Service is somewhat slow and the menu just isn't interesting but food is ok. I think most go for the view which is nice.
Jodi G. via - Aug 18, 2018
The waitstaff was great, very friendly and cheerful. The meal presentation was great but for me the food was so/so. My bolognese was suppose to have wild mushrooms not sure where they went, my mother-in-laws steak was chewy, and my $12 drink was missing ingredients.
Lynn Jensen via - Aug 17, 2018
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